Live Access by Eventric

Live Access

VIP Ticket Management

Live Access is an online ticket request system for managing and processing VIP ticket requests and guest passes. Live Access is a companion product to Master Tour, a software application used to manage logistics for artists and events around the world. Live Access and Master Tour are developed by Eventric in Chicago, IL.

Live Access is used to manage private ticket holds. Registration is available by invitation only.

Contact Information

In order to have your question answered as quickly as possible, please note that Live Access is only the software which is used by tours to manage their ticket requests. Live Access and Eventric support representatives do not have information about your request status, event times, pickup information or other information regarding ticket requests. For questions of this nature you must contact your tour affiliate.

Event and Ticket Request Questions

For all ticket or event-related issues you must contact your tour affiliate for more information. Your tour affiliate is the person who invited you to request tickets.

Contact information for the tour can also be found in the footer of all automated confirmation emails that you received after your request was submitted and/or approved.

Technical Support Questions:

If you have a technical issue or general questions about Live Access Ticketing system, please feel free to send an email to our Customer Service department at or call us at (773) 862-4246 during business hours (CST).

Business Contact

If you are an event provider interested in using Live Access Ticketing to manage distribution of tickets for your event, please contact us at

Credit Card Charge Information

If you have a charge from Live Access on your statement that you don't recognize, it is for tickets and/or service fees for a live event. Live Access processes ticket-related charges on behalf of live tours and events.

In some cases the tour service fees are collected by Live Access separately from the ticket price. In this case, you will see the service fees as a separate charge. If you have any question about a charge on your card, please call us at (773) 862-4246.